Rabu, 05 November 2014

Hallowen Party

Hallo ^_^ "
On 2 November 2014, I came to a Halloween-themed event. The event is one of the biggest events in Surabaya ^ _ ^. A few days earlier I was very confused with the costume I would wear. because I do not have a costume for Halloween: '(. I'm looking at my costume closet .. ah ~ I find a costume from one of the anime One Piece. Perona:')
As we know, Perona is the queen of the ghost .. It's like the theme of the event. Halloween ^ _ ^ so I wore this costume ^ _ ^
The night I set up some properties such as umbrellas, shoes and cut the eyelashes (because I do not find such precision eyelash that has Perona : '( ) and it's all just finished 12 hours before I came to the event .. here's the results of my impromptu work T ^ T. I hope this is not wrong :)

Photo 1

Photo 2
Model by me :3
Special thanks for the Photographer : Randy Juliant Wijaya

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