Rabu, 05 November 2014

Hallowen Party

Hallo ^_^ "
On 2 November 2014, I came to a Halloween-themed event. The event is one of the biggest events in Surabaya ^ _ ^. A few days earlier I was very confused with the costume I would wear. because I do not have a costume for Halloween: '(. I'm looking at my costume closet .. ah ~ I find a costume from one of the anime One Piece. Perona:')
As we know, Perona is the queen of the ghost .. It's like the theme of the event. Halloween ^ _ ^ so I wore this costume ^ _ ^
The night I set up some properties such as umbrellas, shoes and cut the eyelashes (because I do not find such precision eyelash that has Perona : '( ) and it's all just finished 12 hours before I came to the event .. here's the results of my impromptu work T ^ T. I hope this is not wrong :)

Photo 1

Photo 2
Model by me :3
Special thanks for the Photographer : Randy Juliant Wijaya

Sabtu, 01 November 2014

How to be come a Cosplayer?

Konichiwa!! ^_^
Are you interesting with cosplay?? Do you wanna be a cosplayer?? How to be come a good coaplyer??
Read this one. i hope it will help you all ^_^

Many People ask me, How to be come a cosplyer? I answer it's very easy ^_^ (full confiden :D ) first you have to have a passion. no passion no action no results. (Thats my motto ^_^). Second, enjoy the world of Japan, like J-Pop, Anime, fashion and others (but do not forget your original culture ^ _ ^). Because of this pleasure, you will enjoy all things. The third, satart to choose the character you want. remember! each character has a particular characteristic. so you have to be very clever in choosing a character in a way that you learn the characteristics of echoes. You can look it up on the internet or other media. it would be great if you learn from the original character of the Anime. Then, begin to design the costumes and equipment owned by the character that you choose. pay attention to every d etail. kind of costumes, accessories, weapons, make up and so on. The last,  start to practice to understand the character and how to make up. because it is all very important for a cosplayer ^ _ ^

might like it to be a good cosplayer. and it is important to be a good cosplayers are often looking for new friends and do not be arrogant * _ ^ <3 <3 <3
Okay! see you on the other writing, I love you all: *